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Able2Extract Pro 15


The new Able2Extract Professional can create a blank PDF document. A popular split PDF feature comes with options to create a separate document for every page and even split the document into even parts. The Search PDF function works faster, shows total occurrences, and allows searching the document in reverse. The new Hand tool provides easier document navigation. Optical character recognition engine improvements include enhancing bitmap quality before OCR and edge detection for raster-to-vector (R2V)


PDF Creation.
Create Universally Compatible PDF Files. Create secure, industry-standard PDFs from MS Office and other 300+ file formats that are consistent for viewers on any device or operating system.
Advanced PDF Conversion.
Enjoy enterprise-grade PDF conversion and the ability to turn any PDF into an editable and formatted Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV, HTML, Publisher, AutoCAD, OpenOffice, and Image formats with pinpoint precision.
Easy 3-Step Conversion Process: Open, Select, Convert.
Open: Open your PDFs in Able2Extract Professional 15. Select: Select the data you want to convert. Convert: Click a button to instantly convert PDF data to your desired output format.
Custom PDF to Excel Conversion.
Convert PDF data to Excel with original table structure preserved using our proprietary AI-enhanced extraction technology. Manually customize your table rows and columns before conversion for perfect output results.
Custom Conversion.
Set up and save your custom PDF to Excel conversion settings in a template for later use on documents that are always formatted in the same way like invoices and credit card statements.
OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Transform scanned PDF files into searchable PDFs. Automatically recognize and extract data from scanned PDFs with Able2Extract Professional’s advanced, multi-language OCR engine.
Powerful Batch Processing.
Batch process entire folders of files at once. Convert hundreds of PDFs to Word, Excel, and more. Batch create PDF from MS Office and other formats and/or merge multiple PDFs into a single file.
PDF Text and File Editing.
Modify and adjust your PDF documents by editing text, inserting new pages and custom design elements, adding attachments, reordering and extracting pages and more.