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your world is moving, let’s share it
In a world where everyone is a creator – create better. Luxea Video Editor gives you the power to turn your visions into reality. Produce your smoothest work with support for up to 60 frames per second. Be creative with new features including a text tool, added transitions and extended editing capabilities. Let Luxea Video Editor take you to the next level of video content.

Brand: ACD Systems
Operating system: Windows


express yourself
create viral videos
Want to be a YouTuber, online gamer, or make IGTV videos that build your brand? Luxea Video Editor is your new business partner. It makes recording, editing, and showcasing your talents easy. Our preset resolutions let you optimize your videos for YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. Beyond the visuals, you can add captions, bold text effects, soundtracks, and sound effects. You can also create still images or GIFs to promote your content. What else makes Luxea the tool for you? You can add on our new Content Packs.

enhance your content
With our new Content Packs, you can add unique, creative, and captivating resources to your video. Import a library of royalty-free images, videos, audio, Text Style presets, behaviors, and overlays.
training & support
We’re living in an online world, where everyone is adapting to new mediums. Video has become an essential tool in onboarding, training, and customer support. Luxea Video Editor empowers you to create videos that engage your team or customers. Save time and money, simplify concepts, convey ideas, and enhance learning. With our screen recording tool, you can boost video content with recorded presentations. You can add text, captions, animations, transitions, overlays and freeze frames. In today’s workplace, Luxea is an unparalleled tool for success.

marketing & branding
To make your brand stand out, you need to adapt. Video has become one of the most successful forms of advertising. With Luxea Video Editor, you can create promo videos, sneak peeks or trailers. You can produce commercials, video pitches, B2B presentations, featurettes, slideshows, and even GIFs. By using video, you can create an immersive brand experience for your customers. Got a personal brand? Create powerful videos from webcam recordings. Polish your content with Luxea’s precision editing tools and quick sharing capabilities. With Luxea, you can create inspiring content that showcases you, your product, and your brand personality.

education & teaching
Video tutorials and online classes are on the rise, letting people learn new skills from home. With Luxea Video Editor, you can communicate your expertise without being a video expert yourself. You can record engaging lessons, lectures, and presentations. Create distance learning tools for your class. With Luxea, you can combine video, audio, and still images. Add interest with text, filters, animations, overlays, transitions, and audio effects. When ready, share your knowledge and skills to YouTube, Vimeo or across social media right from inside Luxea

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