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DWGSee Pro 2020


DWGSee 2020 Pro is more than a dwg viewer, it’s a quick drawing editor, converter, version comparing tool.
Many objects such as line, polyline, circle, arc, text…, can be easily added into your drawing
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Objects like text, line, layer, block attribute can be edited, or right-click to change the object properties.
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Annotation objects include dimensions, notes…, commonly used to add information to your drawing.

Brand: AutoDWG
Operating system: Windows



Batch printing
Varieties of work can be done in a few minutes by DWGSee, just select the files, set up layouts and model space, and print them. (kindly notice: this may consume a lot of paper, which is not environmentally friendly, please think twice before doing this.)
Convert AutoCAD drawings to PDF, with markup
PDF file is more accessible than AutoCAD drawing, use DWGSee to “export to PDF”, markups can be added before conversion and multiple drawings can be merged into one PDF.

Convert AutoCAD drawings to JPG, with markup
DWG, DXF and DWF files are not portable, so you need DWG viewer on a non-AutoCAD computer. Drawing image is also useful when it is on a computer without DWGSee, especially when X-refs and markups contained.

Find drawings by keywords
It is an advanced feature available in the “Browser mode” for text searching of multiple drawings in folder and its subfolder. DWGSee will go through all the drawing file for the matched text.

Save DWF as a DWG or DXF
Drawing can be digitized and vectorized, DWF can also be back to DWG and DXF. Use DWGSee to convert DWG to DXF, DXF to DWG, DWG to DWF, DXF to DWF, DWF to DWG and DWF to DXF. When complete, click “save as” and you’ll get it.

Browser mode advanced features
DWGSee browser is independent of AutoCAD. It is not only a drawing file viewer, but also featured with advanced functions. You can quickly add markups and print, easily count entities in drawing, simply convert files into PDF or image using the export feature and etc.

In Browser mode, you can batch print and search text in multiple drawings and compare differences between two drawings.

DWGSee Markup
Drawing file can be transferred everywhere, and they can be back with markups. DWGSee creates overlays for markups, so that markups will not affect the original. Markup overlays are saved in separate *.mrk file. The reviewer can just send you back the *.mrk file for you to see remarks.


Compare drawing differences
You may find it hard to recall the changes you made to the drawing file several days ago, don’t worry! DWGSee can list every change you made by comparing drawing differences. You can also use this feature to check the actions made by your teammates.

Text searching in AutoCAD drawing
No matter it is in note, title block, or with pointer, DWGSee will help you locate and highlight it in the center of the screen and list the text in the right pane, you may select “Case Sensitive” and “Match Whole Word” to restrict results.

Counting blocks, symbols, entities in a drawing
Have you been wondering how many widget blocks are in your drawing? You can mark the entities or blocks by checks, and count the number of checks you made. When symbols and attributed blocks use your drawing, it can be automatically checked. Attribute definition is not required for blocks, nest blocks and Xref blocks are supported.

Copy the vector drawing into a Word document
Raster image can be inserted as vector image in MS Word. Creating WMF/EMF figures for MS Office, you can copy any part of your DWG, DXF and DWF drawing to the MS Word document and remain it to be measurableOptions

External reference (Xref)
Xref is an external reference to another AutoCAD drawing file. One drawing can refer many other files and display them as one. If messages like below pops up when you open a drawing file in DWGSee, you’ll need to load the Xref manually, or it’ll become incomplete.