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E-iceblue software enables you to read, write, convert and print different formats of Office files. At CD & E Distribution, you can get various types of this software for your business. Both Spire.Doc and Spire.XLS can be bought in our web shop. We specialise in various software solutions for professionals in a wide array of industries.

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Manipulate and create Excel files without Microsoft Office thanks to E-iceblue Spire.XLS

E-iceblue has developed a range of software solutions to help software developers. The best-known products from this company are its Spire.Doc and Spire.XLS software. Spire.XLS is available in both standard and pro versions and for WPF and .NET environments. Spire.XLS for .NET is an XLS.NET library that allows you to create, read and write XLS files from any .NET platform. It is a fully- standalone .NET Excel component that allows you to manipulate Excel files on systems on which Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel are not installed. Spire.XLS for WPF helps to make programming simpler without requiring Microsoft Automation and allows you to insert various types of external content into Excel.


Replace Microsoft Word with Spire.Doc

Just like Spire.XLS, E-iceblue’s Spire.Doc that you can find in our web shop is a completely independent component. It offers a Word class library that allows you to produce MS Word documents without requiring Microsoft Office. With Spire.Doc you can create new Word documents, edit existing ones and save documents. This E-iceblue software is again available in both standard and professional versions and for .NET and WPF. Spire.Doc for is many times faster than Microsoft Word Automation and comes with much better stability and scalability.

Discover the benefits of working without Microsoft Office

Get your software now and discover the many benefits of working with Spire.Doc and Spire.XLS from E-iceblue for yourself. Thanks to our quick order handling across Europe, we can get your software to you in a matter of hours. Do you have any questions about this software or our other products, such as WinZIP 26 Pro and Able2Extract Professional? Or would you like to receive advice? We are happy to help when you phone us at +31 20 4535357.

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