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Spire.Doc for .NET


Spire.Doc for .NET is a professional Word .NET library specifically designed for developers to create, read, write, convert, compare and print documents on any .NET platform (Target .NET Framework, .NET Core, .NET Standard, .NET 5.0, .NET 6.0, Xamarin & Mono Android) with fast and high-quality performance.

As an independent .NET API, Spire.Doc for .NET does not need Microsoft Word to be installed on neither the development nor target systems. However, it can incorporate Microsoft Word document creation capabilities into any developers’ .NET applications. At DC & E Distributions we offer this software to clients all over Europe.

Brand: E-iceblue
Operating system: Windows
Language: English


Spire.Doc for .NET is a proven reliable API for .NET which enables to perform many document processing tasks. This E-Iceblue product supports C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC. Spire.Doc supports Word 97-2003 /2007/2010/2013/2016/2019 and it has the ability to convert them to commonly used file formats like XML, RTF, TXT, XPS, EPUB, EMF, HTML and vice versa. For other conversion purposes, you might want to take a look at our AutoDWG Converter. Furthermore, Spire supports conversion from Word Doc/Docx to PDF using C#, Word to SVG, Word to PostScript, Word to PCL (Printer Command Language) in high quality.

Main functions

Only Spire.Doc, no Microsoft Office automation

Spire.Doc for .NET is a totally independent .NET Word class library which does not require Microsoft Office installed on the desired system. Microsoft Office Automation is proved to be unstable, slow and not scalable to produce documents. Spire.Doc for .NET is many times faster than Microsoft’s own automation tool and with much better stability and scalability. The same is true for the Spire.XLS software.

Convert file documents with high quality

By using Spire.Doc for .NET, users can save Doc/Docx to stream, save as web response and convert Doc/Docx to XML, RTF, EMF, TXT, XPS, EPUB, HTML, SVG, ODT and vice versa. Spire.Doc for .NET also supports to convert Doc/Docx to PDF and HTML to image.

Richest feature support

A common use of Spire.Doc for .NET is to create documents dynamically from scratch. Almost all document elements are supported, including page, sections, headers, footers, digital signature, footnotes, paragraphs, lists, tables, text, fields, hyperlinks, bookmarks, comments, images, styles, background settings, printing features, document settings and protection. Furthermore, drawing objects including shapes, textboxes, images, OLE objects, Latex Math Symbols, MathML Code and controls are supported as well.

Simple & easy to process pre-existing word documents

Spire.Doc for .NET enables developers to process pre-existing Word documents. It supports search and replace functions, alignment, page break, fill field, document concatenate, document copy, print, complex and deeply nested mail merge, etc.

  • High Performance
  • High-quality conversion
  • High-quality printing
  • High processing speed

Other technical features

By using Spire.Doc, developers can build any type of a 32-bit or 64-bit .NET application including ASP.NET, Web Services, WinForms, Xamarin and Mono Android, to create and handle Word documents.

Pro Edition

Pro Edition supports converting files from Word to PDF, HTML to Word, Word to HTML, Word to XPS, Word to Text, Word to Image, Word to SVG and Word to XML (the document can be either .Doc or .Docx).

Standard Edition

Unlike Pro Edition, the Standard Edition does not support appending HTML to Word, print or conversion of any kind mentioned above. Standard Edition does not work on .NET Core, Microsoft Azure.

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