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TeeChart NET for Xamarin.Forms version 2021


Build powerful charting applications targeting iOS, Android, macOS and UWP platforms from one common C# codebase.

Cross-platform charts

Same core charting code for iOS, Android, macOS and UWP
Using a cross-platform, Xamarin Forms PCL project in Visual Studio, write code in the common PCL project to render the same application to Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Android, iOS and macOS platforms.


Brand: Steema
Operating system: Windows/Mac



Chart collection

60+ chart types and 50+ financial & statistical indicators
The Xamarin.Forms chart control offers dozens of 2D & 3D data visualisations for a wide range of Xamarin application types; from commonly used Line, Bar, Area, Pie to specialized financial and statistical charts with plenty of customizable features.
Use the chart control for Xamarin.Forms to display your data in multiple series and types, with animated and interactive formats.

Xamarin Gauges

Interactive and customisable gauge indicators
Create attractive data visualisations and dashboards with easy to use and fully configurable gauges.
Xamarin gauges styles include Circular gauge, Linear gauge, Vertical gauge, Numerical gauge, Knob gauge, Equalizer, Activity.
The Xamarin charting component offers a set of gauge features such as Labels, Ticks, Pointers fully customizable according to your Xamarin application needs. Also provides animation option to show a dynamic and appealing dashboard.

Interactive charts

Additional interactivity features including zoom & panning
The Xamarin chart control is packed with features that make the charts more interactive.
Zooming and panning options will help improve readability and visibility.
Pointer allows you to locate precise point on a chart and view data for that point.
With the Xamarin chart control you can create a simple chart and output the value when the particular segments of the chart are touched on the screen, for both iOS and Android.


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