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TurboCAD Mac 14 Pro


TurboCAD Mac Pro is a comprehensive 2D/3D CAD solution that will meet the precision drafting and modelling needs of architects, builders, mechanical engineers, woodworkers, and other design professionals. This powerful TurboCAD software will speed up your productivity and get your design projects across the finish line. TurboCAD is the right software for you if you need an affordable, yet high-performance software system. Everyone from small businesses to students and educators can find use in this revolutionary CAD software. At CD & E Distributions we have plenty of experience with TurboCAD solutions and even offer products for Mac.

Brand: IMSI Design
Operating system: Mac
Language: English



What’s new in TurboCAD Pro software for Mac?

Mechanical Tool Palette
The unfold tool is in the mechanical tool palette located under Tools in the menu bar in TurboCAD Pro software for Mac. Selecting the tool icon prompts the user for the surface or body to unfold. The surface to unfold fold must have zero thickness such as with a surface or mesh object. For example, it does not accept a solid. Select any surface in the body and the results are displayed in the XY plane at z = 0.


ACIS Modelling Engine Update
The core modelling kernel was updated to support a newer version from Spatial. The new update provides greater increases in quality and robustness and improvements in modelling tasks such as booleans, blending, chamfering, sweeps, skinning, healing, and faceting functionality.


Paraboloid Primitive
The paraboloid primitive provides a means to create a quadric surface from one-, two-, or three-point definitions. Use a paraboloid to create a reflectors/radars, automobile headlights, solar furnaces, antennas, and aerodynamic tips.


PBR Photo Rendering
PBR, or physically based rendering, is a method of rendering computer graphics that aims to accurately represent the way that light interacts with different materials in the real world. In PBR rendering, the appearance of a material is defined by a set of parameters that describe its physical properties, such as its roughness, reflectivity, and transparency.


BOM Fraction Measurements
The Bill of Material Create BOM feature has a new option to support fraction measurements. To use this feature, select the Attributes and BOM dialog box from the Tools menu. Select your objects and associated a data set such as CutList properties. Apply to selected properties. Now select the Create BOM option to create a table. In the BOM Settings dialog box, select the Decimals pull down option. And then Select Fractions to display measurements as factions of feet and inches.



Key features

ACIS-Based Solid Modelling
TurboCAD Pro software for Mac provides you with ACIS Solid modelling engine without using parallel software, such as Parallels Desktop for Mac. Make your models realistic with solid objects that have volume and shape as well as a framework, skin (set of surfaces) encasing the framework, and inner “body.”


Advanced 3D Modelling Tools
Layout your design or import existing files for easy editing. With intuitive design tools, even novice designers can quickly create precise 3D designs.


Feature-Based/History Tree
View and revise changes and modifications performed on individual objects, groups, or blocks to assess your progress.


Model to Sheet
Use floating model space to use model space tools in paper space to create and layout your drawing in TurboCAD Pro software for Mac.


Photorealistic Rendering with HDR
Assign materials and luminance qualities to objects. Create a render scene environment to modify the background and foreground of your model.


File Import & Export Support
TurboCAD Pro software for Mac enables you to import and export data from other TurboCAD formats, as well as formats of other CAD systems. We also offer file conversion options, such as AutoDWG.


System requirements

  • Macintosh OS 10.11 through 13.0 or higher
  • x64 Intel Mac
  • 3 GB of hard disk space
  • 8 GB RAM or greater
  • Mouse Pointing Device (wheel button recommended)
  • OpenGL Compliant video card with 256 MB VRAM

Program compatibility is not guaranteed for earlier operating systems, require a machine with an operating system using x64 (64-Bit) architecture.


Discover the newest features and buy the software online

Are you interested in learning more about the newest features of the TurboCAD software for Mac or Windows? Or do you prefer to discover other products, such as DWGSee, from our online store? Take a look at our FAQ-section and who knows you will find your answers there. You are also always welcome to reach out to us with any additional questions. Find out all you need to know and buy the sophisticated software solutions from our software shop!


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